Health & wellness of school children in India is in a bad shape. Though early pointers in this direction have been visible to healthcare professionals associated with child care, now studies paint a worrisome picture through a magnifying glass of ruthless numbers.

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Edusports has done a detailed study on health of school children in India and the results are not encouraging. Findings suggest a lack of health & wellness awareness among school children, school teachers and parents.

Key findings of the study are as follows:

  • 40% kids don’t have a healthy BMI.
  • 40% kids don’t have required endurance levels.
  • Girls score better than boys on BMI.
  • Non-metros score higher than metros in terms of BMI levels and fitness parameters.
  • Structured sports programs show encouraging rise in fitness levels.

Several national news papers have published these findings. But such studies need to be conducted more often and findings need wide publcity using print & electronic mediums.

There is a growing recognition of relationship between health of school children and academic performance. School administrators need to take notice and move forward in the direction of increased wellness & health awareness in schools.

You can find the complete Edusport report here.


Worrisome School Health in India – Statistics warn us
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