Benefits from Wellskool initiative


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A school going child can derive immense benefit from Wellskool regular wellness routines. Early preventive care will go a long way in all round development of a child. At Wellskool we strive to provide not only physical care but address a child’s emotional well being as well. Wellskool initiative strongly believes that complete wellness of a child is reflected in strong physical health, an alert mind and overall a pleasant personality.

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  • A solid foundation for a healthier life.
  • Better physical & mental wellness.
  • Wellness advice & career counseling.
  • Better social behavior skills.
  • Early diagnosis of child growth issues & expert help.


Benefits For School  Picture5

  • A value addition to a Child’s all round growth.
  • A Healthy Mind lives in a Healthy body i.e. Better academic performance by children.
  • Improved attendance of child in school.
  • Better Teacher Child coordination.
  • A much needed initiative to achieve the objective of holistic development of child.


Benefits For Parents / TeachersPicture4

  • Hassle free regular screening of child.
  • Early detection/prevention of health issues.
  • A comprehensive report to monitor child’s growth parameters.
  • A completely customized child wellness program.
  • Expert primary advice & followup care program.
  • A caring help portal for your school going child.